How to run Java games on Android without root

Many people like to play java games and they want to play those games even in their android smartphones. In this post, I am going to explain to you how to run java games in android without rooting your smartphone. You don’t need to worry about your smartphone compatibility.

How to run java jar files on android without root

I will show you the easiest way to play all your favorite java games in any android device without root. It will not affect your smartphone in any aspect and you will easily able to enjoy your favorite java games in your android device.

So at the end of the post, you will be able to run jar files on android without root. Now let’s start with a big smile.


Steps  to run any jar game on android

So let’s begin with some simple steps.

Step 1: Download your java game in “.Jar” format.

Step 2: Download the J2Me loader app from Google Play Store click here.




Step 3: After downloading and installing the application open it.


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Step 4: Tap on the plus icon.


Step 5: Select the game file(jar) from all files.


Step 6: Now select your desired screen option or try 240*320


Step 7: Now tap on the Start button to play your game.

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Now the next thing is you must configure desired buttons to play the game. Like you should hide the unnecessary buttons from the screen and also drag the main buttons to the center of the screen. To do that you have to follow these simple steps.

When the game is on, tap the “back button” once.


Now tap on “Hide buttons” to hide unnecessary buttons from the screen.

Like you should hide all number keys and other unnecessary keys.

You can also modify other settings like the image given below.

Steps to modify Java Emulator

  1. Keylayout edit mode: When you tap on this option, you will able to move all the buttons across the screen.
  2. Keylayout resize mode: When you tap on this option, you will able to resize the main keys which you are going to use to play the game.
  3. Finish edit mode: Tap this option, when you are done with editing and resizing your main keys.


After doing all settings you may get the screen like the given below.


After exiting from the application you can modify all settings by long pressing on the game. Like this



So this was the all information about how to run java games in android without root. If you have any questions comment to me. I will try to solve those issues for you. Also, share this article with others if you like. Thanks for reading…

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