How to Check Jiofi Battery Percentage in Android PC or Laptop

Check the JioFi battery percentage in android or in a desktop. Here I will share two easy methods to check JioFi battery percentage or level. JioFi personal hotspot router is a device that allows users the option to use a high-speed 4G internet connection while surfing the internet.

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This speed ensures that you are able to do all different activities within a short period of time because there are minimal chances of encountering buffering in this connection. However, some people face battery issues whenever they are using their JioFi device for faster internet.

It may happen because they do not check JioFi battery percentage on a regular basis. Luckily, you can now check the status of your JioFi battery online at any time of the day you want. If you want to check your JioFi battery percentage, you can do that by following the simple steps given below.

You can check JioFi battery percentage by using an android app or by visiting the official website.


JioFi Battery Percentage check through Official Website:


First of all, Switch on your device by long-pressing the power button until you can see a green light.

Next, link any device like Smartphone, personal computer, or laptop to the JioFi router internet connection.

Now open any web browser and enter “https://jiofi.local.html” in the search bar as the official link for accessing the JioFi website.

Here you will see a login page from where you will have to log in using “administrator” as the password and username as well.

You will be redirected to the homepage of your JioFi account on the website. Here, click on “Device details” which you will see on the left side of the screen.

Here all details of your JioFi will appear like ODM, Product ID, and Serial Number, etc.

Now you have to just scroll down the list until you see the “Battery level” tab.

Here you will see the JioFi battery percentage at the bottom of that particular page.


Check JioFi Battery Percentage using Android App


In this method, you just need an android device. It is a much easier option to check the battery level of the JioFi router. Here are the steps to check JioFi battery percentage in android:

First of all download the app Hotspot Manager for JioFi, free available on Google Play Store. (Download through Mobile data or JioFi as you want)

Hotspot Manager for JioFi
Hotspot Manager for JioFi
  • Hotspot Manager for JioFi Screenshot
  • Hotspot Manager for JioFi Screenshot
  • Hotspot Manager for JioFi Screenshot
  • Hotspot Manager for JioFi Screenshot
  • Hotspot Manager for JioFi Screenshot
  • Hotspot Manager for JioFi Screenshot
  • Hotspot Manager for JioFi Screenshot
  • Hotspot Manager for JioFi Screenshot

Now connect your smartphone with the JioFi router.

Now just open the Hotspot Manager for JioFi app.

You can see here the battery percentage, connected users, connection time, and signal strength also.


You can check more details in this app also.

So it was the easiest method to check battery percentage of any JioFi router.

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Tips to use JioFi

Here are some tips to use the JioFi router and increase its battery life. Check out these tips given below.

How to take care of your JioFi Battery

It is necessary to take good care of your JioFi battery if you want to enjoy fast browsing speed without facing any problem. Below are some of the tips to put into consideration in order to take care of your JioFi battery.

Charge it fully to 100%

You should wait until the battery charges to 100% before removing it from the changing. By doing so, you will be able to retain the life span of the battery thus avoiding the additional costs of buying a new JioFi battery.

Always charge your JioFi battery using a wall charger

You should always make sure that the JioFi battery is charged using a wall charger, not by duplicate. Most people use USB cables to charge the battery using their personal computer but that is wrong. In that way, they are damaging the battery while at the same time reducing its lifespan.

Always try to use an authorized charger

It is ordinary for people to lose the initial charger that comes along with the JioFi router. In that case, you must buy a new original charger since using a duplicate charger may end up spoiling your device. This is because a fake charger may have a higher or lower voltage which cannot be handled by the JioFi battery.

You should keep watching the JioFi battery status frequently so that the router does not go off while using it. By doing so, you will avoid the risk of losing your internet connection at the time of need.


How do I know if my JioFi battery is full?

You can check your battery level in the Hotspot Manager for JioFi app in android. It is super easy and fast.

How can I check my JioFi balance?

You can check your JioFi balance through MyJio app. Just download and log in using your jio mobile number and check your current data balance.

Is it okay to use JioFi while charging?

You can use JioFi while charging also but you should try to avoid because it may reduce battery life of JioFi.

Can I charge JioFi with laptop?

You can charge JioFi with laptop in emergency. Because it will take twice the regular time to charge. So it will negatively impact the battery life.


So it was a simple guide to check JioFi Battery Percentage in Andriod or PC. You can choose whichever option you like. I personally use the android app to check my JioFi battery level. What do you think about that? Let me know in the comment section below. Thank you…

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