Vault Alternative Indian App Hide Photos and Videos on Android

Here is a list of vault alternative apps to hide photos and videos on android. If you are concerned about the privacy of your photos and videos on your smartphone you can use these apps to hide them easily.

Our whole personal life is now getting stored in the smartphone we carry along in our pockets. We capture a huge number of photos and videos, which you may want to keep private. But, it is possible that your phone can accidentally lose your smartphone or you may just pass it over to a friend unaware of their hidden intentions.

Well, if you are an Android user, you don’t have to worry. There are several great apps to hide photos and videos on Android. Well, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best photos and video hider apps on Android.


Best Photos and Video Hiding Apps for Android


  1. KeepSafe Photo Vault

If you’ve used an Android app to hide your personal photos or videos, you may have surely heard of KeepSafe Photo Vault. The app has bagged substantial updates over the years, making it cleaner and easy-to-use for everyone.

It offers you the usual PIN, pattern, and fingerprint authentication options, after which it shows you a clutter-free and categorized folder grid. You can go into any of these folders to add and protect your secret photos, videos, or personal IDs. You can also create new folders of your own; share them with other KeepSafe users.


  1. 1Gallery

1Gallery is basically a photo gallery app for managing photos and videos. However, the main feature of this gallery app is its ironclad vault which hides photos and videos with very strong encryption. There are many apps on the Play Store that allow you to hide your private photos and videos. But they just use the “.nomedia” extension to make the media files non-scannable.

But if you use this app to hide photos and videos, no one can find the media files– not even if they get root privileges. There are three password modes available as other similar apps like Pin, Pattern, and Fingerprint to hide your photos and videos. It has also a very beautiful user interface.


  1. LockMyPix Photo Vault

Among all other photo vaults, this is my favorite pick for guarding my photos and videos against the nosy crowd. This app is designed to provide the safest photo vault for protecting private all your media files. It has a military-grade AES encryption standard that locks your files behind a PIN or pattern.

It renders an insightful user experience, enabling you to encrypt your photos and videos directly from the home screen of the app. You can even instantly click pictures and add them to the vault very easily. Its add-on features allow you to unlock the app using your fingerprint, shake the device to lock the vault, and even hide LockMyPix from the app drawer.


  1. Calculator by FishingNet

Calculator is a unique app in this list because it is meant to act and look like a Calculator app, but at the center of it, the app has a secure vault hidden behind it. Actually, if your friends and family use your smartphone repeatedly. Then you can use the Calculator app to hide photos and videos without giving any idea that you are hiding something.

You have to set a numeric PIN which you will have to enter in the Calculator and press the “=” key to open the secret vault. Its media content is encrypted using the AES algorithm so you may feel free about your data too.


  1. Hide Pictures & Videos – Vaulty

Vaulty is yet another famous and reliable photo and video hiding apps, which may look a little bit outdated but performs its job perfectly fine. You can simply install and open the app; select the media files you want to hide from the gallery and password protect it from anyone.

The best part of Vaulty is that it captures photos of intruders, who try to access your vault but fail to enter the correct password. You will immediately know who tried to interfere in your private space, the moment you unlock the app. This feature is available for free to all users, which is clearly an advantage.


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  1. Hide Something

With almost 5 million installs in the bag, Hide Something is really one of the most trouble-free apps for hiding photos and videos on Android. You can protect your files from unwanted users via PIN, password, or fingerprint sensor. The method of transferring new photos or videos to the ‘invisible’ folder is very simple like sharing a file with the Hide Something app.

You will also get access to a mini collection of stunning themes. It also supports a variety of media file types, an advanced image viewer, and a fake login mode to further protect your privacy. Hide something is also particular about not being detected in the recently used apps list. So it doesn’t show up in the recently used list.


7. Sgallery (hide photos and videos)

Sgallery is also a very good app that you may consider hiding your photos and videos. This app uses an AES encryption algorithm to encrypt the files. It has also some great features like fingerprint unlock, shake to close, fake password, intruder selfie, etc.

It has also some unique features in its premium features. This app also has a built-in browser and notepad for safe browsing and storing any texts. You will also have an option for the recovery of your password.


8. Hide Files – Andrognito

Andrognito, which is an acronym for Android + Incognito, is one of the most secure privacy protection apps. It offers you to hide your personal photos, videos, and other files behind strong layers of military-grade AES encryption standards. You can also store the files in the cloud to free space on your device.

In the free version, you can hide apps in just a single vault. But if you purchase the PRO version to create more private vaults. You can also access your vaults via the cloud backups on multiple devices and gain access to additional features. You can also remove intrusive ads in the PRO version that annoy almost instantly.

Andrognito - Hide Files, Photos, Videos
Andrognito - Hide Files, Photos, Videos
  • Andrognito - Hide Files, Photos, Videos Screenshot
  • Andrognito - Hide Files, Photos, Videos Screenshot
  • Andrognito - Hide Files, Photos, Videos Screenshot
  • Andrognito - Hide Files, Photos, Videos Screenshot
  • Andrognito - Hide Files, Photos, Videos Screenshot
  • Andrognito - Hide Files, Photos, Videos Screenshot
  • Andrognito - Hide Files, Photos, Videos Screenshot
  • Andrognito - Hide Files, Photos, Videos Screenshot


9. PhotoGuard (hide photos and videos)

PhotoGuard is another great app that you can use for hiding your private photos and videos on your Android device. It comes with AES-256 bit encryption which means your media files are highly protected. So it can’t be cracked using brute-force to open the vault. Additionally, PhotoGuard provides cloud backup and claims that it keeps the encryption always on– be it on the device or cloud.

Moreover, you can secure your photos and videos using a PIN, Pattern, Password, or Fingerprint. It has also a unique feature in that you can add an additional layer of security even inside the vault. For example, you can set a password for any particular album inside the vault.


Conclusion: (Photos and Video hiding Apps)

If you’ve been concerned about the privacy of your photos and videos. Then I’m sure that at least one of our suggestions will help curb your anxiety. So, do any of these privacy protection apps meet your criterion? Share your opinions in the comments section down below.

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