What is NFC in Android and Its Top 5 Uses and Importance for US

NFC is a very new technology in this growing world. If you want to know, what is this and what are the uses of NFC? Then check this out right now.

It’s the matter of fact how does it works, what is the use of it? And what can we do with it?

So, let’s start this post with intro. NFC stands for Near Field Communication. It can be anywhere like your Smartphone, Bluetooth speakers, even the cash terminals of shopping malls. Well in phones it is right in the backside.

You probably might be using an NFC enabled phone. If you want to know what their uses are, just check out this article. So, here are the top five things that we can do with it…


Here are the top 5 uses of NFC


Data transfer: –

We can transfer data between two NFC enabled phones. It has a short communication field which is we can say 4cm, 3cm, or just attach the phone together for the transfer once you do that your phones will beep and you might click the files in the phone through which you are going to transfer the files to the other phone. Well, this is one of the uses of it, transferring files.


Pairing Devices: –

NFC is used for pairing Devices between two NFC enabled devices. Fastest pairing to be known. like in Bluetooth if we pair two devices, we need to turn on the Bluetooth and then search the devices then click the device, but the pairing pins then later on it will start pairing.

Which might be a drag but with NFC just held the devices together at once and it’s done pairing, no searches no extra pairing time or you can say you want to pair your phone to your Bluetooth speaker, which has NFC enabled all you need to do is just held the device top of it and in seconds it will share the information and done pairing.

So, next time whenever you want to play music, it will pair up automatically. And it will work the same as other gadgets which have NFC enabled, it might be Bluetooth speakers, it might be Bluetooth headphones, anything which has this feature.


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Mobile wallets: –

NFC can make you look like a boss or a stupid sometimes. Well, you have heard about android pay, Samsung Pay, or apple pay. But did you know that these things work on NFC? I guess you all like shopping. Many of the shopping malls have cash terminals that have NFC enabled.

So, if you want to look like a Boss. Then you need to set up your card to your mobile wallet. All you need to do is install your mobile wallet app, whichever you use, sign up and then scan your card with your phone, and then your phone will take the card’s information and you’re good to go.

So, next time when you visit a shopping mall, try to pay with your mobile wallet, just held the phone top of the cash terminal, put the amount you want to pay to complete the transaction, and look like a boss.


NFC tags: –

These are simple looking tags but with NFC chips inside it, so, how do we use it? NFC tags store a very tiny amount of data. These are some of the apps for programming its tags. You can program its tags for setting an alarm, saving your Wi-fi password, or saving your contact details or even you can program your phone’s profile.

So, whenever your friends ask for your Wi-fi password, just ask them to hold the phone to the tag and it will connect the Wi-fi automatically or anybody asks for your contact details, you can just ask him to do the same thing. Well, each tag can perform only one task. So, if you override a task upon another task in the tag. It will delete the older task and take the new task.


NFC Business cards: –

These cards look normal but it has NFC chips inside it. Like the NFC tags, it’s very simple, if you turn on your NFC and touch it on the back of your phone it will save the data of the card, your name, your social media links, and your website. It works similarly to the NFC tags.

So, these are the five uses of NFC’s. I hope you may like it. Comment below if you have any queries.

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