How Do Web Browsers Make Money like Chrome, Firefox etc.

Do you know “how do browsers like Chrome and Firefox make money?” Do browsers make money or they don’t. Know the real truth about their income.

We use many browsers like Google Chrome, Opera, and Firefox, etc. These browsers make our internet surfing easy and fast. If there were no such apps we would not able to surf over the internet. But have you ever thought about how these browsers make money? Why do they provide this free of cost?

These essential applications are usually taken for granted despite their immense contribution to making the Internet come alive.

How do Internet browsers make money

So considering that they provide free service to surf over the internet, how do these browsers make money? Typically, we guess “ad money,” but that is just one part of the overall revenue earned by them. Here we will discuss some popular browsers and their unique approaches to make money.

How does Google Chrome make money

  1. Google Chrome

Chrome earns money in various ways. It makes money in both direct and indirect ways. It tracks user data for its advantage and that information is used to improve its AdSense program. As you know Google AdSense is a product of Google to earn money so this browser indirectly helps google to make money.

Calculating Google Chrome’s revenue is much harder because Google doesn’t show a list of the revenue and expenses for all of its services. This means that while Google claims the browser is “an exceptionally profitable product,” the public is not able to understand this directly.

Chrome also makes money by saving Google royalty expenses in search results shown in Chrome.

More Advantages of Google Chrome

Google has many indirect ways of making a profit. For instance, when people use Google Chrome, they are more likely to use related products of Google like Gmail, Google Apps, Google Docs, etc. which, also leads to even more usage of their product. In this way, the company’s products are highly integrated with each other. Whenever their products are used, page views go up and ad revenue increases.


How does Mozilla Firefox make money

  1. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla releases its yearly financial statements every November for the previous year. The company’s latest revenue numbers are from 2018 when the browser earned nearly $451 million, 95% of which came from royalties. Mozilla receives royalties from advertisers whenever someone uses the built-in search engine which is provided by the Firefox browser.

Apart from search royalties, Mozilla earns money from donations. It also makes money through sponsored new tab tiles. Mozilla receives money from Google for setting Google as its default search engine.

Some other things like, Mozilla have tie-ups with Baidu in China and Yandex in Russia, which are more important than Google in these countries. It is also trying to expand with Firefox Pockets and user-centric advertising and even selling ad impressions.

How does Safari make money

  1. Safari

Just like the Firefox revenue model, Safari earns royalties from different search engines, especially from Google. Google recently paid safari $12 billion to keep using it as a default search engine. Thanks to the hundreds of millions of iPhone and Mac users.  Apple will continue to make a good deal with Google year after year because it will make Safari the richest browser after Chrome.

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How does Microsoft Edge make money

  1. Microsoft Edge

Similar to Google Adwords, the primary revenue of Microsoft Edge comes from the Bing search engine. However, with just 4 percent of market share, which is not likely to in the coming future, it is having a harder time catching up with Chrome. Moreover, Bing ad revenue fell 7 percent in the fourth quarter of 2018, which indicates that the era of stagnation is far from over. Even Microsoft finds it impossible to beat Google in this division.

How does Opera make money

  1. Opera

Opera is one of the modest browsers in terms of reach. It seems to have perfected the acquaintance of how to leverage a browser profitably. With 182 million active users all over the world, Opera is getting year-on-year revenue growths of 28 to 34 percent. It has the same revenue model of partnering with search engines like the Firefox browser. There are other techniques that Opera uses to make money.

Like, it has licensing deals with many websites such as eBay and, etc. It also has some agreements with Smartphone companies such as Xiaomi and Oppo. These agreements make Opera the main browser in the dock.

How does Brave make money

  1. Brave

The Brave browser claims itself as a private, secure, and fast browser. It has ad blockers and zeroes log policies which makes it a wonderful browser to use. However, they have to make money, too. For making money, they use cryptocurrency, which they call Basic Attention Tokens (BAT). It is just like Microsoft Rewards. When the user uses this they get paid BAT units. They also have tie-ups with many companies like HTC Exodus, the first blockchain phone. It also works with verified publishers on YouTube and Twitch as a secondary income source.

In Summary

Hence, we saw that each browser has its own revenue strategies. There are many other sources that I did not mention. There may be more things which we cannot think about or actually we may not know about. What do you think about these income sources comment below? What do you think is the perfect and ideal way for browsers to earn money? Please let’s know in the comments below.

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