VidMate Alternative Indian App Non Chinese You Can Try

Here are some best VidMate alternative apps you can try. These apps are non-Chinese VidMate alternatives and also include an Indian app. So in this post, I am going to share some best alternatives of the Vidmate app for android you can try right now.


List of non-Chinese VidMate Alternative apps


Videoder app (Indian Vidmate Alternative)

This is an Indian alternative to the VidMate app. You can download it from its official website. It is not available on the Google Play Store. This app has a very simple user interface.

There are links to the most popular video sites which you can visit and download on your phone. If you use the YouTube app, you can directly download videos to your phone by simple steps. Just tap on the Share button of your favorite video and select Videoder from the pop-up list.


Ultra Downloader Plus (Vidmate alternative)

Ultra Downloader Plus is a very unique video downloader for iOS. Because using this application you can easily cast the content directly to PS4, Xbox, or Smart TVs. Opening the app creates an impression that it looks like a browser.

Once you get used to it, you will understand that this resembles a typical web browser. You can also paste the URL of the web page with the embedded videos in its address bar. You can pause and resume the downloading processes in the app.  It doesn’t affect the downloading file quality at all.

You can download this app from Google.


eDl Lite

If you are an iOS user, then this app is best for you as an alternative to VidMate. eDl Lite is an iOS app and you can download it from the official store.

The application comes up with a fully functional in-built browser along with a simple file manager. You can use its browser to find the videos you like. The file manager helps you to browse through the files too. The app is free and available on the store to download.


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Video Downloader Pro (Vidmate alternative)

This browser helps you download all the videos without any interruption. It doesn’t charge anything extra for downloading. You can even keep the processes in the background to do your other stuff. You can download this app from Google easily.



This is also another best alternative to VidMate. This app gives you the perfect solution to download embedded videos from any web pages. If you ask me for a video downloader app with the best user interface, I will definitely choose SnapTube.

On the interface, this app has links to popular video streaming websites in the form of tiles. You can tap on any of them, browse your favorite video, and start downloading that. Instead of browsing in this application, you can use its address bar to paste the URL of the video if you already have, and start downloading. This app is only available for Android not for iOS yet.


KeepVid Android

As the name suggests the app is specifically designed for Android users. This application has an inbuilt browser which you can use to directly search on YouTube for videos. You can also use this app to download Facebook videos very easily.

As in any other application mentioned here, this one also offers a converter, which you can use to convert video files to mp3 formats. You can also download the audio of the file in an MP3 format directly.

KeepVid is also able to manage batch processes well that speed gets equally divided among all downloading files. You can use the link given below to download the official app from the official site. They also have a QR code there, which you can use to download the app in case you are browsing this on a computer.


Conclusion: (VidMate alternative)

You have got these popular VidMate alternatives; some for iOS and three for Android. They all can fulfill your purpose but on different user interfaces. Keep it in mind that, there may be some differences in the functioning and also in the supported formats.

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