Top Alternatives for UC Browser in India non-Chinese

Here is a list of non-Chinese alternatives to the UC browser. These UC browser alternatives are very secure and easy to use. Try these apps now.

UC Browser is a Chinese app that is now banned in India. If you want a perfect alternative for this app you can use these non-Chinese browsers for internet browsing. UC browser was actually not safe for the user because it used to send user data to its Chinese servers.

You cannot compromise with your privacy to use this suspicious app. So here are some alternatives to the Chinese UC browser for your safe browsing.

Top alternative browsers of UC Browser

1. Google Chrome

Google Chrome is top in this list because this is a simple and user-friendly browser that does not do shady things like UC Browser. Chrome provides you top-level protection and is regularly updated against security vulnerabilities and harmful websites.

Many people preferred to use UC Browser because of its “fast downloading” feature. However, Chrome has also come up with smart downloading where it splits the file into small chunks to accelerate the downloading speed. Apart from this, Google Chrome can now generate passwords and sync everything to your Google account so you can seamlessly transition from one device to another.


2. Firefox Focus

Firefox Focus is for those users who want to keep strict control over their data on the web. It is a very strict privacy-oriented browser that puts your online privacy over everything. In that way, it is just the opposite of UC Browser. Run by the Mozilla Foundation, no user data is sent to any server, not even to the servers of Mozilla Corporation.

Firefox is actually one of the first browsers to completely block third-party cookies by default, even before Safari in 2019. On top of that, Firefox is now providing a feature of encrypted DNS over HTTPS (DoH) to further protect user privacy on the web.

Coming to features of Firefox, you have a custom tab, night mode, one-tap data eraser, stealth mode, and many more. And if you are using Firefox on iPhone then you have got one interesting feature. You get the option to unlock Firefox through biometrics. And also if you want to use add-ons too then you can go for the standard Firefox browser. Overall, Firefox Focus is a privacy-focused browser and you should replace UC Browser with this app.


UC browser alternative non-Chinese app


3. Safari

If you are an iPhone user then Safari is an obvious and the best alternative to UC Browser. Safari comes with Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) and it blocks all third-party cookies by default. It means that no one can follow or track you on the web and learn about your preferences, except for the website you are visiting in.

Basically, there is no scope of “a little bit of cross-site tracking”, as put by Apple’s WebKit Engineer, John Wilander. Apart from that, Safari now comes with dark mode and download manager. It has also an excellent reader mode. So, just forget about UC Browser and move forward to Safari on your iPhone.


4. Brave Privacy Browser

Brave is another alternative to UC Browser. You should also go to this browser. Built on the foundation of privacy, safety, and fast performance, Brave is earning praise from all around. Just like Firefox Focus, Brave blocks third-party trackers by default and protects you from any type of tracking on the web.

It also blocks malicious scripts on websites to keep your smartphone resource-free which improves to better battery life. The best part about this browser is it comes with HTTPS Everywhere extension that is popular for switching insecure websites to HTTPS.

Brave has features of built-in ad blocker, popup blocker, private bookmark, and more. The unique thing about Brave is that it has something called Brave Rewards. Hence, it is a modern browser that has all the protection you need and also lets you help the platform you love. So go ahead and replace UC Browser with Brave without wasting any second.


5. Samsung Internet Browser

Samsung Internet Browser is a rising new web browser that has quickly risen to popularity in recent years. This is also one of the most feature-packed browsers. It also brings support for select few add-ons from Galaxy Store.

It is truly a UC Browser alternative because it brings a range of features and yet seems so light.

This browser has auto-fill functionality, dark mode, download manager, font customization, native ad-blocker, secret mode, and much more.

It has also a smart anti-tracking feature that blocks trackers and analytics tools from the website you are visiting. The best part about Samsung Internet Browser is that it is based on Chromium and because of that results in a great performance. So, if you want a complete package that gives you all the popular features of UC Browser along with the protection of your privacy then Samsung Internet Browser is a perfect pick.

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6. Microsoft Edge

Microsoft has brought the Chromium Edge to all the platforms including Android, iOS, macOS, and also for Windows. If I talk about privacy, unlike UC Browser, Microsoft Edge blocks all third-party trackers which means it stops trackers from sites that you are not accessing directly. And this feature is enabled by default.

It has also featured a content blocker, night mode, private mode, reading list, and more. MS Edge also enables the feature of data syncing across all your Microsoft devices, like password, saved address, or autofill information. In addition, you can also continue web browsing from your computer to Smartphone seamlessly.

Hence, Microsoft Edge is a more secure web browser for smartphones.

Non-Chinese UC Browser Alternatives for Android


7. Vivaldi

Vivaldi is another capable web browser from the house of Opera Software. But it is much more privacy-focused, therefore a suitable alternative to UC Browser.

It provides an integrated ad-blocker that blocks video ads, intrusive banner ads, pop-ups, and other types of ads. And just like other browsers in this list above, Vivaldi protects from trackers and analytics tools. The outstanding feature of Vivaldi is its nice user interface.

You can customize it in your own way. You have the option to use a desktop-style tabbed layout or the traditional mobile interface. The tabbed layout is easy to navigate and also manages the open tabs. Vivaldi has a feature of a built-in Notes tool that you can use to quickly note down new ideas and thoughts while browsing the web.

Additionally, you can take a full-length screenshot of any webpage or snap the visible area, according to your requirement. Therefore, Vivaldi brings something fresh to the table and you can use instead of UC Browser.


the best alternative to UC browser for downloading


8. Opera

Opera is similar to UC Browser; it offers a ton of features but also protects your privacy. Opera prevents all third-party trackers and annoying ads that may hamper your browsing experience.

It has also added an option to block annoying cookie and privacy dialogs that you see every time you visit a webpage. And if you liked reading personalized news on UC Browser then Opera also offers news according to you.

There are also features of private browsing, customizable night mode, text wrap feature for a great reading experience, password management, and many more. Opera has also a dedicated download manager with a faster speed and file management feature.  It also provides a built-in VPN to anonymously browse the web and it does not cost any money.


9. Kiwi

Kiwi is an actually new web browser, but a far better alternative for UC Browser. It is built on the same ground as Brave and Firefox Focus. It also brings some unique features that you are absolutely going to like.

The browser looks very similar to Chrome (because of the Chromium base) but has all the extra features that you want on Google Chrome. Just like Firefox and safari, Kiwi can block third-party cookies and invasive trackers. It has Crypto-jacking protection which prevents scripts from using your device to mine crypto-currency.

It has also a powerful popup blocker and comes with many ad blocking services. Kiwi is also famous for Chrome extension support. I recommend you to install Chrome extensions on your smartphone. You can disable AMP pages by Google and also block annoying notifications on the website.

In this browser, you get pure AMOLED dark mode, and much more. Kiwi is one of the best web browsers that have made an impact with its extension support. Hence it really stands as a capable alternative to UC Browser.


Alternative Indian app for UC Browser


10. Jio Browser

Being an Indian alternative of UC Browser, Jio Browser is super lightweight and in size in comparison with other browsers. It provides a simple and straight forward user interface. So it is quite easy to use without any fancy features on offer.

However, you do get dark mode, secure incognito mode, and support for regional languages here. Jio Browser also provides the latest news and videos. It also shows live cricket scores updates right on the homepage, similar to UC Browser.


11. DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo is admired for its privacy-friendly search engine. It is built on the same foundation of strict privacy protection that it espouses on its search engine. It blocks all the hidden third-party trackers and also lets you know the advertising network behind the tracker.

Mainly, you may know who is trying to track you. DuckDuckGo also forces websites to use encrypted connection such as the HTTPS.

No need to mention, you can search for anything privately on its search engine and none of your queries or metadata will be stored in any server. It has a unique feature that this browser gives a Privacy Grade rating to websites so you may know how well you are protected on the website.

In the end, if you want complete privacy protection on the web then this is the best app browser out there at least better than UC Browser.


So it was the whole list of alternatives of UC browser you can use instead of UC browser. If you like any of the above app then use that and give your opinion in the comments below.

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