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PlayerzPot is a Fantasy sports app where you can use your sports knowledge to earn some real cash. PlayerzPot is a 100% Legal and secure fantasy app. Fantasy players can also, earn through the PlayerzPot referral program. If you share this app to your friends you will get a 10% Referral income. It’s a win-win situation for fantasy users to play or either earn by referring PlayerzPot to the real users.


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Points for Maiden are given to all i.e. to Bowlers, Batsmen, Wicket Keeper and All-Rounders.
A winning bonus is given to the actual winning team players. So if there is a Tie, none of the players are awarded the winning bonus.
If there is a case where, in a runout, 3 players are included. In that case, the first 2 players will be considered as Thrower and the third player will be considered as Catcher.
The data we use to give the points to the players and verify the players are received through various resources. In case if the points on our website differ from other websites then PlayerzPot does not hold any responsibility.
The player came as a substitute for any other player, will not receive any points for his performance in that match.
Concussion substitute will be awarded all the points as that of the players playing the match, as he/she will be given batting & bowling as the normal players.
In case if more than 11 players play in any of the matches i.e. does batting or bowling or both. In that case, they will be awarded points for the same. No points will be awarded in case of substitution. – Concussion substitute and normal substitute are different, Concussion Substitute does batting & bowling, but a substitute is the temporary replacement of the absent player.
Data is provided by reliable sources. Once the points have been marked as complete i.e. winners have been declared, no further adjustments will be made. Points awarded live in-game are subject to change as long as the status is ‘Live’ or ‘In review’.

Conclusion: (Playerzpot Referral Code)

So Playerzpot is a good fantasy app. You can make money by using your sports knowledge and skills. It is also a good alternative to Dream11. If you have already played that app you can easily use this app. Try this app yourself and have fun. You can use my Playerzpot referral code while signing up in the app. Thank you…

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