Best Gnome Shell Extensions Ubuntu 20.04 Must Try

Here are some best GNOME Shell extensions for ubuntu 20.04. Try these GNOME Shell extensions and get the perfect results as you want.

With the new ubuntu 20.04, you have the new gnome 3.36. it brings a couple of UI changes like dnd toggle new lock screen but here’s the interesting one. Extensions are now built-in so you don’t have to download.

with the new gnome 3.36 a lot of popular extensions like do not disturb, open weather, no menu either don’t work as usual or aren’t useful. So here are some best gnome extensions you should be using with ubuntu 20.04 or any known desktop.

Best Gnome extensions Ubuntu 20.04 Must Try


Now if you have an android phone GSconnect is a must-have. GSconnect is built on top of KDE connect and I love this extension for simply two things. It lets you reply to your notifications from your laptop Whatsapp, Instagram, SMS, or RCS whatever you use.

The second one is sharing files from your laptop to your mobile is just seamless. GSconnect also provides a few bits of extra settle additions like playing songs while calling. I mean as soon as I get a call the volume is lowered and there’s a notification.

As soon as I pick up the call on my phone the music is paused, speaker and mic muted. Now calls done music pops right back on. There are tons of options in GSconnect and you will keep discovering something new every day.

Caffeine (GNOME Shell extensions)

It is a small handy extension. Suppose you have a code to compile or apps to install on the terminal or just a simple copy paste work, just click on the caffeine icon at the top.

It will block your computer from being locked or go to screen saver mode. Internally it just emulates a mouse click and blocks your computer from being logged. So do your jobs, turn on caffeine and go have a coffee. Just make sure you only use caffeine when you really need it because it’s a battery eater as well.

Google earth wallpaper

There’s no native option to set dynamic wallpapers on ubuntu. Hence I use this extension called google earth wallpaper. It sources its wallpaper from bing, Google maps, Google earth open map. Unfortunately, you can choose only one source at a time.

Now unlike other wallpaper apps, it doesn’t give you a watermark on the wallpaper plus by default, it refreshes the wallpaper every 24 hours. So I just love a little bit of refresher every morning when I open my laptop.

1A Lock Keys (GNOME Shell extensions)

It shows a small indicator at the top right corner showing if the num lock or caps lock key is on. Additionally, when you can hit the key it shows a nice pop-up as well as showing the caps lock status. a must-have if you don’t have a backlit keyboard.

Clipboard Indicator

There are a lot of powerful clipboard managers for Linux but I prefer clipboard indicator. It’s a gnome extension that sits right on the top panel and you can always access it. But I mostly use hotkeys ctrl f9 to show the clipboard content, ctrl f11, and f12 to quickly switch between the clipboard contents.

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Dash to Dock

Although ubuntu 20.04 now lets you customize the dock a bit. You can move the dock, resize icons, auto hides it but it still lags way behind when you consider dash to dock. it comes pre-installed with the pop OS which is what I am using currently my favorite option is this intelligent auto-hide so when I use an app the dock is hidden now.

But when you select text at the bottom and it doesn’t appear. Well basically if you rush the cursor to the bottom of the dock it will appear and if you’re casually browsing it’s smart enough to understand that. Another thing that I like is you can set up a scroll or click actions on the dock so here I’ve set up to cycle through the windows if I scroll on the icon and minimize if I click on it.


Gnome launcher is a mess. It a hard time figuring out icons in this clutters plus is a super glitch. So a go-to option was no menu but it doesn’t work in gnome 3.36. So you can use the arc menu instead. It’s similar to the Windows 7 start menu.

You access it with a good old windows key. You can search for an app they are automatically categorized as well. My favorite is these quick shortcuts for pictures videos and tweaks bonus if you also install dash to panel it will show everything at the bottom just like windows.

Transparent Top Panel

It’s plain simple and when all applications are minimized the top panel goes transparent. I just love this illusion. Do try this.

Refresh Wi-Fi

Refresh wi-fi is something you will hear everywhere. There’s no refresh button on wi-fi and Bluetooth in ubuntu. Most of the time you wouldn’t need, it but when you do, you have to restart the wi-fi and that’s troublesome. So refresh wi-fi is a must-have extension on any version of ubuntu.

Lock Screen Blur Removal

If you don’t like the ubuntu 20.04 blur lock screen because the blurs just too much and you love your desktop wallpapers. So you can use this lock screen blur removal which does what the name says. Keep the sigma to 10 and things now look good.

You can download all extensions from GNOME Shell Extensions Org.

So that was list and let me know in the comments below what all gnome extensions you use.

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