How to Check Android App Developer Country, App Origin Country

Do you want to check who is the developer country of any android app? You can check the origin of any app and their developer country also. Do you want to know which app is from which country in the play store?

Using this app you can check the origin country of the app. Sometimes we like any app and if we want to know more about that app, we google for that. So if you want to check the origin of your favorite app installed in your device you can try this too.

Here is the full description of the Origin detector app.

App Origin Detector/ Check Developer Country


This app helps to find the origin country of the Apps installed on your smartphone. You can easily detect apps that originated from China, India, and the USA. You can use this application as an App Origin finder.


Developer country checker

You can call this app as a Developer country checker. These days as Chinese apps are ruling everywhere and people are thinking about their online privacy. They are willing to know which apps they are using in their smartphones as it is the most important thing in today’s world. So you should also check this for your privacy.

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Conclusion: App Origin Detector/ Developer Country Checker

This app scan and show the installed application names for the selected origin nation. It shows a list of apps as per origin countries like China, India, USA. This application can be used as an App Origin scanner. It has updated the list with 59 apps banned by the Indian Government. It shows the app origin county, installed date, permissions information.


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This app is not for removing system apps.

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