How to Remove China Apps from Android Phone in One Click

In this post, I am going to share with you the simplest way to remove all Chinese apps from your android phone in one click. You can do this by using this simple and free app. It will not take more than two minutes to clear all the Chinese apps from your phone using this app.

Do you want to know which Chinese apps are installed on your device? As you know that some Chinese apps are not safe to use as they steal your data and save them on their servers. So you should remove all unknown and untrustworthy Chinese apps from your smartphone. So using this app you can now see which apps are Chinese on your phone.

Chinese Apps Detector

Chinese app detector will detect and show you the list of all Chinese apps installed on your mobile. So you could easily uninstall them from your phone.

This application gives you information about some apps that you use in your daily life which may have developed in China.

Nowadays so many people want to know that is there any Chinese app available on his/her device or not? By using this android app user can understand how Chinese items can come into our routine life. You may know that china grows its business and economy by participating in every sector of the economy.

Steps to remove all Chinese apps are given below:

First of all, install this app from the google play store

Chinese Apps  Detector - India
Chinese Apps  Detector - India
  • Chinese Apps  Detector - India Screenshot
  • Chinese Apps  Detector - India Screenshot

Now open the app and you will see this screen now.



Now you just have to click on the “Start Scan” button now.

Chinese app detector is a free tool to find all Chinese apps installed on your device.

It is quite easy to use; you can easily find all Chinese apps available on your smartphone.

Now you will see all the Chinese apps on your screen



Now just go and uninstall them from your device.

This app detects Chinese apps that are downloaded and installed manually.

Features of this app:

1 Scan Chinese app

2 List of Chinese app

3 Action accordingly


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Conclusion: ( Remove Chinese apps)

This app takes a stand for finding the installed applications on your mobile. You can check the list of apps available on the phone. This tool helps you to detect all Chinese apps on your phone.

This app is for educational purposes and helps you to know about the apps or about their origin.

This application is for educational purposes only.

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