Tips to win Dream11 Grand League and Mega Contest in IPL

Dream11 Grand league winning tips and tricks you should try. You may try these tips to win the dream11 grand league and mega contest also. Winning a fantasy game is not easy and everyone is not so perfect to win this game. You have to do some extra work and extra effort too.

It also depends on your luck because if you luckily selected the right player then no one is going to stop you from winning the contest. Luck actually matters because even a master player does not win always. So we can say that…

Hard Efforts/Your Skill + Your Good Luck = Fantasy Game Winner

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How to win dream11 grand league and mega contest


Now we will look where we have to work hard and use our skills, to create the best Dream11 Team.

Here are some things you must consider before making your team:

  • Check the player’s recent form and status
  • Research about the pitch’s condition
  • Follow the toss details (Who will bat first/Bowl first).
  • Select players according to pitch condition and toss detail.
  • Choose the best players as your team’s Captain and Vice-captain.

You can research these points from these websites for this:

These websites provide Live Scores, Team Analysis, Latest Cricket News, Match Previews (Squads, Team News, Probable Playing XI, and Pitch Condition).

Players’ recent form

If you want to make the best Dream11 Team and win money in Fantasy Cricket Contest, then it is good to check the player’s recent form. Because It has been seen that there is a high chance of playing a good inning from in-form players than out of form players.

You should also check the coach and Captain to know the real position of the team.


Pitch condition

You have to research the pitch condition, about how the pitch is helpful for the bowlers (Faster or spinner), or batsmen. You should keep that in mind while making your team.

If you don’t get any news about the pitch, research the ground history for the last 3-5 matches and you should predict accordingly. You can check this information in the Archives section on Cricbuzz.


Venue Stats (What is the Average Score of Ground?)

An average score of ground gives us an idea that what may be the total score range (lowest to highest) and how many wickets may fall in the field. We can get the venue stats in the Match Facts section of Cricbuzz.

To get the details:-

Visit Cricbuzz

Select the match

Now click on Match Facts

Note: This will work only on the desktop. If you are using the Cricbuzz mobile app, then this method will not work.


Toss Details (dream11 grand league tips)

After an update on the points system in Dream11, Toss is crucial while creating your Fantasy Cricket Team.

After the toss, we have to know which team will bowl first and which team will bat first.


Playing XI (dream11 grand league tips)

You can get the details of playing 11 on and After declared the playing XI, The Dream11 app also shows the playing (with a green dot) and non-playing (with a red dot) players.

After watching the playing XI, update your team. And make sure all selected players are playing.


Choose the best players as Captain and Vice-captain

The proper strategy for choosing a good Captain and Vice-captain in Dream11 is essential for your winning. Captain and Vice-Captain are the main players for Fantasy Cricket teams. As the captain gets 2X times the points while the Vice-captain gets 1.5X times the points scored.

Here, I will also share a few tips which will help in deciding the best choice for Captain and Vice-captain.


Grand League tips and tricks for Dream11

Are you curious to know the strategy to win the mega contest in Dream11? If yes, then you are in the right place for this.

It is every Fantasy player’s dream to win the mega contest in Dream11 Fantasy Cricket App. Here, I am going to share few tips which will help you to win the grand league several times in Fantasy Cricket.

The more you join Grand League with more and more teams, your chances of winning increase. I mean you should enter the mega contest as many times you can. I recommend you 6 to 11 teams at least.

Dream11 allows users to enter with maximum of 11 teams so you have to take advantage of that. Sometimes you should try a player in the team with a lower selection percent, because if he earns points, then our grand league winning chances will increase.

Choose Captain and Vice-Captain Wisely to win dream11 grand league

Generally, people choose opening batsmen as their Captain and Vice-Captain, but openers don’t score well in every match. For that, you can also make a one down or two down batsmen the Captain or the Vice-Captain. If openers don’t score in that match and lower order scores more, then your chances of winning will be increased.

You should not take openers in the team for every match. It is better to leave 1-2 openers. because if an opener is in your team and gets out early, then it decreases your chances of winning by 50% in the contest.

Instead of that, you should prefer to take a one-down batsman in the team. All of the world’s top batsmen play on that spot. In most of the teams, they are quality batsmen.

It sometimes happens that your Captain and Vice-captain score well in the team. The other players in your team also score well. But because of the bad performance of any one player, you might miss the win in the Grand League. For that, you can make more teams (at least 3) with the same Captain and Vice-captain, with only changing one or two players in your line-up.

In this case, if the Captain and Vice-captain both fail, there is a chance of losing. But, if both of them perform well, there is a higher chance of winning the Grand League.

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Grand league missed due to poor performance of Captain and Vice-captain?

In another case, the line-up plays well, but the Captain or Vice-captain fails. For this, we have to make more than one team (I recommend 3 teams) with the same playing XI but changing the Captain and Vice-captains. It would decrease the chances of choosing the wrong Captain and Vice-captain of your team.

One last thing I would suggest that you should see the winner’s team also and learn from their strategies. Because sometimes you may miss something but they don’t and that’s why they may have won.

Also, you should learn from your previous mistakes while creating your dream team.

I hope you would like these ideas and you may win any mega contest also. If you think I missed something, comment below to let us know. And also if you have any questions feel free to ask in the comment section. Thank you…

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